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Europa Point Investment Corporation (“EPIC”) is an investment company built upon strong ethical principles.

Our EPIC team is comprised of hard-working, professionally accomplished and highly analytical individuals with a proven track record in various areas of investment management, all driven towards achieving solid investment returns for our clients.




Gibraltar is based on English law which is recognised worldwide as one of the most reliable and efficient laws to transact business under. Gibraltar law has also embraced a significant number of EU Directives which promotes the highest standards. Its recent agreement with the EU and entry to the Schengen Area will continue to make it attractive for foreign investors setting up companies in Gibraltar. Its geographical location also offers access to emerging markets in Europe and Africa. Brexit, we believe, will provide new opportunities which we are well-positioned to benefit from, particularly, given the firm’s proposed target markets.

Gibraltar’s favourable employment laws and quality of life attracts talented individuals from all over the world which has transformed it into the home of the most “internationalised” workforce in the region.

Gibraltar also offers a safe working environment with a good supply of high-quality office space, excellent leisure amenities, schools, healthcare, restaurants, and shopping facilities. It also offers an extremely comfortable living standard for staff wishing to relocate from abroad with a diverse population with residents from all over the world.


EPIC defines its impact on building a better future.

Ethical Investing

Corporate Social Responsibility

The EPIC team are very proud to be able to sponsor Wigan Athletic Football Club, and to play a part in supporting the wonderful work undertaken in the wider community. We are excited about the club's future and being part of the journey together with the dedicated supporters as we all move forward into the new season ahead, and 'Believe'


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